Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sign of the Times, Lets Bring it Back Lyrically with Grimey Rhymes

Capitalism to Socialism? Really?

Recently this week, it was reported that the executive bonuses for US corporations exceeded 18 billion dollars in 2008. The premise of the American bonus system, as known by the people the U.S. Middle class, is that upon one's hiring bonuses are subject to change, and issued to employees contingent on the financial success of the company; a principle of capitalism that helps destroy mediocrity.
However, in the last year, banks failed, corporations tumbled, and what was thought to be timeless names, vanished in part due to the greed of the ones who ran them. CEOs were hired and fired, without repercussions, leaving in their path a destroyed corporation reeling for survival, i.e. Home Depot. On their departures, CEOs walk off, after crashing their companies into the ground, with a hefty compensation package. Why? Capitalism rewards success, not failure. Firing middle class business (wo)men would not yield such rewards. So why is the CEO the exception?
The firms that requested, urged, stated that the financial health of the nation was in peril if they were not bailed out, walked away with 18+ billion dollars in tax payer money. It was told to me the other day, its a dog eat dog world. That would be a fair statement, if the losing dog ever had a fighting chance. As a tax paying nation, we were/are being white collared robbed under the mask of a bailout. Unfortunately, for President Obama, he is being blamed for supporting the First Round Bailout. However, was it not former President George W. Bush and his adminstration that was supposed to oversee the 2008 bailouts? Yes, and under his watch, the oversight had more holes that needed plugging than the popular whore around the corner. Many are turning around and blaming Obama for turning the nation towards socialism. This is where we, as a nation, need to take a history lesson.

Socialism is an economic theory whereby state/collective ownership administers the means of production and distribution of goods. Its society is characterized by equal opportunities for all individuals with an egalitarian method of compensation. Basically, if an individual decides to be a doctor or a first year engineer, they will more likely than not be paid the same. Socialism lacks a reward structures which is the motivation that human beings seek for their actions.

Under the McCain/Palin campaign, the world was introduced to the real Republican Party, one which mongers hate and fear. One which led people to falsely believe Obama was a terrorist, marxist, and hell bent on destroying the lives of the American People. Stupidity coupled with under education was touted as the saviour to the world, while intelligence and careful planning was torched as they enemy;similar to historical book burning. Regardless, Keep in mind that McCain was a supporter of the Bank Bailout (and industry bailouts). However, bailing out the corporations so that millions of Americans can keep their jobs, homes, and families is not Socialism. It is very much still capitalism. They will continue to receive their wages, not set by egalitarian bounds. From what is understood, government intervention is minimal for those that have taken bailout funds. However, when executives act recklessly and without shame by lining their pockets as their companies and its members suffer, a line must be drawn. Many did not imagine that the aforementioned executives would be so audacious to falsely reward themselves as they plummeted their companies to the ground, yet it happened. Putting a cap on executive pay is not socialism; controlling their reckless behavior is not socialism; stopping white collar robbery is not socialism. Its Capitalism at its finest.

Yesterday, former NY mayor Rudy Giullani stated that these Executives' bonuses help keep the economy alive as they are able to spend money at restaurants, bars, clubs, exquisite stores, for fashion, cars, jewelry, etc. The logic is incomprehensible...How does a very few select group spending money stimulate an economy over curbing job losses? If ten more people retained their jobs, in lieu of overzealous compensation, banks would continue to take in mortgage payments, utilities would get payments on their bills, and modest stores would see continuing customers. The logic of Rudy the Repube defeats me.

Party affiliation is, again, not at the helm of the discussion; however much it may play into the view points. Democrats are as much to blame along with their republican counterparts for the happenings of this nation. Nevertheless, President Obama is fighting both parties for the em betterment of this nation, for it to move ahead, and back into its proper spot at the top. As children, we were taught to lead by example...this should apply to adults and the global nations as well.
"My president is black, in fact he's half white, so even in a racist mind, he's half right." - Jay-Z

Friday, September 26, 2008

Difficult to See Manipulation

Many of you have probably been keeping up with the latest developments with the upcoming presidential election. Some of you may have loyalties to a party, which by no means is being criticized here; I've always been one to say "You have to stay true to your colors". Nevertheless, the interjection of presidential hopeful Senator John McCain to attend Washington meeting(s) (even asking President Bush to arrange one) appears to be staunchly detrimental to the health of the American Economy, and greatly, its society. From their round table meeting held yesterday, House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (party affiliation deleted) brought up a new set of principles that conservative House Republicans had been laid out earlier in the day.
Obama and the other Democrats opposed to his closed door, small circuit actions, as well as the detailed plan, pressed McCain to say whether he supported Boehner's position. McCain declined to comment.......

Now for the scary part...
I'll just quote it from an article, so to make sure nothing is lost in translation.

"For much of the day, McCain shuttled between meetings and his Senate office, but rarely came close to the Capitol suites and committee rooms where the negotiations were taking place. He had returned to his Crystal City condominium by 6 p.m., where aides said he continued to work the phones in support of the deal.

Earlier, McCain had emerged from his office in the Russell Senate Office Building around noon to a crush of reporters, saying nothing as he made his way to Boehner's office. In tow were a trio of his closest allies, Sens. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), as well as top campaign aides Rick Davis and Mark Salter.

Boehner and McCain discussed the bailout plan, but Republican leadership aides described the conversation as somewhat surreal. Neither man was familiar with the details of the proposal being pressed by House conservatives, and up to the moment they departed for the White House yesterday afternoon, neither had seen any description beyond news reports.

At 1:25 p.m., McCain left Boehner's office through a back door, walking across the Capitol's rotunda to the applause of tourists. Graham conceded the group knew little about the plan the nominee had come to Washington to try to shape."
source (

Republican, Democrat, Independent, Purple Nurple. It does not matter what your party affiliation is. When, as a presidential nominee, one cannot effectively argue beyond the bounds of media reports on a financial crisis resembling the marks of the Great Depression, how does the nation's citizens bare to trust this individual from here on out? Progress appeared to be had for the bail out plan, nevertheless, the economical problems which McCain has in part caused with his deregulatory policies has left him out of touch to effectively debate the issue with his rival. Hence, the interjection, political ploy, and public deception to buy time/halt the sliding numbers in national polls and cancel a debate, where most would have said at its conclusion, one of the following:
1. Obama owned McCain
2. That mutha-fucka got MURKED by Obama!
3. Chyea Boyyyyeeee! Represent! Southside!
4. Oh that poor old man. I hope he was wearing his Depends.
5. Obama is my homeboy.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Da Bears - Going into week 4 vs McNabb and his Eagles

DA BEARS - Going into Week 4
Quarterback - Kyle Orton
One thing everyone in Chicago can agrees on is, Mr. Orton needs to be introduced to the 21st century quickly. Here's to hoping that his wifey gets on that task and prompts him to remove that hideous growth of a neck bread he has developed, or as a certain friend of mine put it so eloquently, Mutant Neck Hair. Aside from his style, his football play is anything close to Grossman-esque - from all vantage points.
Lets look at his upsides. - He exudes a confidence that is welcomed by his team and the fans. He has smarts to not lock down on a receiver, and waits for the open man. He possess an intellect of the game to find that hole in which he can squeeze into for a run. Above all, he has the courage of a running back, and the stupidity of a young child as he darts for that first down, sacrificing himself as fresh meat for a hungry pack of defensive sharks. What qb do you know of that drops his shoulder and challenges the defense to tackle him? With that said, someone teach this fool to slide! Lol. However, with all these intangible qualities, he lacks the tangibles.
He lacks accuracy in his passes. He has had Marty Booker open a few times, in which he should have connected with him for a touchdown, to only fail. Brandon Lloyd has made Orton look like a stud, as he has twisted more than a Russian gymnast in order to make the catch on an under thrown ball. There have been times, when the receiver has had to slow down on his route in order to catch a slow, under thrown ball,, only to be pummeled by the opposing defense, where, if the ball had been thrown correctly, accurately, and with speed, the receiver would be off and running. Likewise, there have been other times when Orton has just grossly (no pun intended) overthrown his receivers. Regardless, inaccuracy is a plague that Orton must overcome.
Additionally, his inaccuracy may be, in part, caused by his noodle arm. Yes, he is weak. He cannot zip a pass like a Brett Favre bullet. His passes, even the short ones, are wobbly, and lack the tight spirals shown by both Grossman and Hanie. Most long balls are lofted so high in the air, that the defense has time to adjust as the receiver slows down for the catch. It is no wonder that Orton maintains a Level 1 passing game. One thing i cannot figure out is, for two years this kid was on the bench and has had more time than anyone else to work out and strengthen that arm. it is still weak as it was in 2005. The inability to stretch a defense will surely draw the demise of the offense; drawing the defense closer to the line of scrimmage which will in effect slow shut down the run. With that, lets go into the Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff -
We have two great running backs in Matt Forte and Kevin Jones. Matt Forte has earned a fan in me, as well as the rest of Chicago, but with that said, we should also see more of Kevin Jones. When healthy, Jones has proven to be a strong and effective runner, gashing defenses. No one knows this better than the Chicago Defense. This is not to take away from Forte's starting job, which he as earned, but to give Forte a rest, while throwing the opposing defense for a loop with Jones' running style. If Jones get at least 15 carries a game, i believe our running game would be strong. Its a 1--2 punch, that the bears exploited well with Thomas Jones - Cedric Benson in 2006. Additionally, the coaches need to utilize their speed in the receiving core, if at the minimum to trick defenses into stretching out, so that the running game can develop, from which, Play Action can be utilized efficiently. They should line up Olsen, Hester, Lloyd, and Booker/Forte at the wideout positions - yup 4 wideouts. Try the long ball. Target for Hester/Lloyd, pass to the slower Booker (he is not slow, but slower than the rest, maybe, arguable). Or, put Jones and Forte in the backfield. Two Speedy backs in lieu of the traditional speed and brunt set up than before. Its a scheme not utilized by the Bears, where they can fake a run to Jones, as Forte provides a quick block, and then catches. Or, Fake a run to Jones, and hand off to Forte, or vice versa. Just a few suggestions. The play calling by Ron Turner is predictable and uninspired. He was the man who single handedly set back Illini Football 10 years; thus, fired for a reason.
Bob Babich needs to be shown the door in my opinion. He cannot effectively call defensive plays that can last 60 minutes. The linebackers stack the box too often, and Hunter Hillenmeyer has been exposed against pass coverage.

The Defense -
The safety positions are performing well with Kevin Payne and Mike Brown. However, Nathan Vasher is uncharacteristically slow this year. He has been beat on the straight line run, and has fallen for wideout jukes too often; he has been exposed. Could it be due to the lack of tackling and conditioning in the preseason and practice? The bears seemed awfully worn out when Greiese ran the two minute drill on them. Pro Bowlers not performing at their expected levels: a considerable amount of blame falls on the shoulders of the coaching staff;
Lovie Smith, Ron Turner, Bob Babich. - All Fail in my book.
So far, i like the play of Tillman and M. Brown. Granted, Tillman is a lightweight, and we've seen him this year struggle on getting a bigger guy down. But, he has his wideouts wrapped up and stopped in their tracks until a LB or Safety can come help him knock the player down. He has a knack for the ball, punching, swatting, and catching it, to allow the Chicago offense to come on to the field. Urlacher and Briggs are ferocious on their ends, but really, they do need to step up the leadership roles that they have earned. They need to step up their play. Simple as that.
This defense prides itself on being able to flip the switch when it matters, but it appears, that switch has been misplaced. They once claimed the title MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY. only thing that changed was the coaching staff. - Rivera out, inexperienced Babich in.

It appears that the cons outweight the pros. However, given the talent on either side of the ball (Forte, Jones, Hester on offense and everyone on Defense) things need to change for Chicago Bears to be successful, and it can start with the exit of Bob Babich and Ron Turner.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Determination that is incorruptible.
From the other side.
A terror to behold.
Annihilation will be unavoidable.
Every broken enemy will know,
That their opponent had to be invincible.
Take a last look around while you're alive,
I'm an indestructible master of war.